Floor Tiles

The floor area is probably the most important section of any home or project to be tiled. Floor tiles need to be durable and hard-wearing to accommodate everyday traffic and our varied Irish weather conditions. The quality and the correct surface finish are very important for floor tiles therefore choosing the most suitable tile for your project is essential. Tiles are hugely versatile and allow you ample opportunity to allow your flair for design to be expressed in your home. Our expert staff appreciates the versatility and luxury that can be provided by choosing the right floor tiles and are happy to help you choose from our large selection to assist in creating an inviting ambiance in your home.

Floor tiles come in a variety of sizes. While the current trend is for large format, any size can reflect your own unique taste and personality. Our range of floor tiles is available in a large selection of different finishes and sizes – glazed/polished finish, matt finish, wood effect, marble effect, concrete tiles, stone tiles, metal effect tiles, Victorian floor tiles, mosaic tiles, anti-slip rated tiles, commercial rated tiles, and outdoor paving tiles.

Whatever finish you require, be assured we are here to assist and advise on the most suitable tiles for your project.